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Polaris Global's award-winning personal development program, Beyond Freedom Evolution, has recorded results of great success. It not only introduces you to a way to achieve goals in every facet of your life, but also gives you the opportunity to join a lucrative home business opportunity.

The success education program is also helpful for to those looking at making lifestyle and health changes. Beyond Freedom Evolution student, Amy, shares how the goal-driven tasks and challenges led her to achieve one of her life long dreams of becoming a runner.

"I would see these happy, healthy runners everywhere and was so envious. I'd love to just be able to put my joggers on and go. But I was a couch potato. I didn't know where to start."

It was the practical exercisese within Polaris Global's BFE program that eventually got Amy out of the house and running. 

"I used the Taking A.I.M (Action In Motion) BFE exercise to challenge myself to a 13km / 8 mile fun run. It wasn’t pretty, but crossed that finish line. And thanks to BFE, I was able to reach my goal by breaking it down into little pieces and make it achievable. Like super tiny pieces. Because at first I couldn’t even run around the block without stopping."

Amy attributes Polaris Global and BFE for transforming her from a couch potato to one of those happy healthy runners she always admired.

"I've just registered for my first half-marathon and I've never looked back! It's so great to see how far I've come and I'll be forever grateful to Polaris Global for their fantastic personal development program that literally changed my life."

For more information on Polaris Global and their award-winning personal development program, visit their website.

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