How to succeed with Polaris Global

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Have you heard the rumors about Polaris Global and Beyond Freedom Evolution being too good to be true? Here are some facts. Beyond Freedom Evolution is an award-winning success education curriculum that is taking personal leadership development to the next level. It surpasses its rivals in content, format and results. Polaris Global also offer a separate business opportunity which when coupled with the syllabus teachings, can bring great financial success.

Bev Abel, a proud grandmother from New Zealand shares how she found Beyond Freedom Evolution and how it started a positive chain reaction in her life.

“I was having a quiet reflective time after being very busy helping my son and his family due to ill health. I put a question to myself regarding doing something just for me. I wanted to change my limiting beliefs, particularly around finance.”

Ms Abel knew it was going to be challenging to move forward, but made the decision to proceed. She responded to an ad promoting Beyond Freedom Evolution, and her life took off.

“I purchased the personal development retail product, to work on myself, but was so impressed with the content and the wins I was having already, I decided to join the company.”

Ms Abel’s success has soared personally and professionally, as she is now one of Polaris Global’s most lucrative distributors. But the results created with Beyond Freedom Evolution are not just about business success.

“I value myself more. I recognize my desires are there to be fulfilled. Through the exercises and study I have developed more patience, compassion and love for myself.”

Ms Abel admits that to achieve her level of business success, she required these newly developed traits of patience and persistence, which ultimately paid off.

“After achieving my goal of creating a consistent income of $10,000 a month, I traded in my camper van and car on a Mercedes sport convertible!”

For those who are seeking similar success in personal development or business opportunities, Ms Abel shares this advice. “Be courageous, take the next bold step you can, and take more calculated risks.”

And you too could be cruising the road to financial freedom in a convertible.

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Success with Polaris Global - DREAM

Success with Polaris Global - DREAM

How to succeed with Polaris Global


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