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Talk about an amazing start to the year. Pauline O’Halloran, one of Polaris Global’s leading distributors, has earned $71,156 USD profit this month, and it’s not even finished yet!

Pauline from Melbourne Australia, had a flying start to February earning $57,500 in the first 14 days. Well, the wins kept coming to make it an absolute cracker of a month. I can’t wait to see what her total income figure for February will be.
How did she do it?

“Persistence, consistency, and treat your business like a multi-million dollar enterprise from the start!”

Like so many, Pauline found Polaris Global and Beyond Freedom Evolution during a time of need. “I was facing impending bankruptcy and was looking for a business solution that would allow me to condense my time and make an executive level income working from home.”

Pauline’s husband was working excessively long hours in the building industry, and she needed to work around the schedule of her teenage son. She needed to look outside the box. Since implementing BFE, and taking up the home-based business opportunity, Pauline’s success has been so great her husband has been able to retire.

Her best investment? Being a student of Beyond Freedom Evolution. “It continues to provide fresh insight after many years of utilising it, evolving with me as I evolve, and therefore gaining in value.”

Sounds like a sound investment to me.

For more information please visit www.polarisglobal.com

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Piles of money, Polaris Global business opportunity

Piles of money, Polaris Global business opportunity

Piles of money, Polaris Global business opportunity, success education


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