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Polaris Global’s award-winning personal leadership development product Beyond Freedom Evolution has gained extraordinary momentum. It’s highly regarded amongst veterans of personal development and the old school self-help literature, as well as wildly popular with those who are new to success education.

So what’s the appeal?

Belinda Byfield, from Western Australia, has been a student of BFE for three years, and sums up the experience as life changing. “I am now someone that I am proud to be. I have my own belief system, my own goals and I know where I’m going.”

Prior to Beyond Freedom Evolution Belinda describes herself as shy, withdrawn, with no self-belief. “I didn’t have my own perspective on anything, and the sad thing is, I thought that’s how my life was supposed to be.”

Enter - Beyond Freedom Evolution. The curriculum not only changed Belinda inside and out, she is now one of Polaris Global’s leading distributors. Belinda expresses her gratitude to Polaris Global founders Rachel and Shane Krider, and Greg Strom, for the success she has created through BFE.

“You guys gave me my life and empowered me to find myself and live my life. My children have a completely new mother, and my husband a renewed wife. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

If you’d like to become a student of Beyond Freedom Evolution, please contact Polaris Global at

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Woman jumping, Beyond Freedom Evolution

Woman jumping, Beyond Freedom Evolution

Beyond Freedom Evolution, Polaris Global success education, personal development, leadership development


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