Polaris Global applauds Simone and Brett Wylie for reaching the prestigious level of Executive

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Simone was working as a Corporate Advertising Executive earning a six figure salary when she began to look for an alternative way to make an income. "I actually enjoyed my job, the challenge and the income that it provided, but at what price? I desperately wanted the freedom to do what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it. If I wanted to go shopping or have fun times with the kids or special time with my husband, then I wanted the choice to do this on my terms. The stress and enormous time demands of my job just didn't allow for any flexibility" said Simone.

"I never used to see my husband or my two kids. I would leave home at 6am and get home from work after 8pm. The kids would be in bed, Oscar is 4 and Olivia is 7 and Brett would be so tired after working a 10 hour day himself. We just didn't have a life!", shares Simone.

Simone is now running a successful home based business with Polaris Global & recently reached the prestigous level of EXECUTIVE. The Executive level is the first significant stepping stone in the compensation plan. One cannot reach this level without leading a team of successful distributors. "When I first began my journey here, the Presidential Level has always been the goal. I knew that the biggest stepping stone to Presidential was going to be me reaching Executive. I'm so excited. I work about 5 hours a days around the family, but you know it doesn't feel like work. When you love what you do, you simply can't wait to get into it", said Simone.

Simone's biggest break through came as a result of attending her first Live Event with the company. "Initially my belief strechted as far as Beyond Freedom Evolution and this product has assisted me tremendously with my journey, but the most significant shift in my thinking occured at that event. The event changed EVERYTHING!"

When you speak with Simone it's of little wonder as to why she has created success here with Polaris. Her belief, posture and certainty about where she is heading shines through in a simple conversation. "I made the decision that it was up to me to make my business work. I decided that I was a leader. I decided that I was going to create success for myself....and I have!", says Simone.

Congratulations on reaching Executive!

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