Polaris Global distributor earns $10,000 In two weeks working part-time

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Kirsty Mailer started her journey with Polaris Global as a retail customer. Her husband, Kev, bought Kirsty the Beyond Freedom Evolution as a Christmas present and within 8 days of starting the program she said to Kev... "I love it!"

It's of little wonder that Kirsty is achieving such tremendous results with her Polaris Global business. The product drives the business and in order for one to be successful here, they must have a strong belief in the value of the product that they promote. You only have to speak with Kirsty for a few moments to appreciate just how many wins she has experienced.

"I'd been suffering from chronic fatigue and everything in my life just seemed like it was too hard. I really felt like I hadn't made any progress in my life for such a long time and then within a few days of using the Beyond Freedom program I saw a dramatic shift in my energy levels. it felt like I'd been completely recharged, like the fog had lifted," said Kirsty.

Kirsty fell in love with the product so much that she decided to start marketing the products and building her Polaris Global business. Working just 4 hours a day around her son, PJ who is 2 years old, she has built a successful team of distributors who are also creating much success in their lives.

"I've had so many wins. One of the biggest rewards is that I've just learnt so much from the product, by applying the principles that are taught I now have so much clarity as to how to make effective decisions in all areas of my life", Kirsty said. "The other truly gratifying experience is seeing my team members lives changing for the better as a result of them also applying what we teach. Just the other day, one of my distributors shared with me just how grateful she was to have finally found what is right for her. I just love it"

"When I think of the future i have a huge smile. "$10,000 in 2 weeks is pretty good going and I know that this is just the beginning", said Kirsty. We have massive things ahead of us. It's the right time. We've got great products, just wonderful people that we work with, the tools, it's all here! We now really understand what freedom is", Kirsty shares.

Congratulations, Kirsty, for your results. Polaris commends you for the positive contribution that you are providing to so many people.

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