Young Mum earns $20,000 in a single month with Polaris Global

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Young Mum Earns $20,000 In A Single Month With Polaris Global

As a young homemaker and mother of three, Belinda Byfield had no experience in business. She made the bold decision to begin her own home based business with Polaris Global just months ago. Belinda followed Polaris Global's proven, simple system and after just 4 months of marketing, her Polaris business has earned $20,000 in a single month. Belinda is now teaching this system to others, assisting them in creating the results that she is enjoying.

Being a stay at home Mum for 6 years, Belinda came to the point where she really needed a change. "There was only so much washing, cleaning and mopping I could do, also my kids were growing older and starting to head off to school so I knew that I wanted to do something for me from home as I didn't wanted to work at a JOB. My husband, James, works long hard hours as a boilermaker, so I wanted to find something that would ease the burden on him being the sole income earner without changing our families dynamic," shares Belinda. "That is when I found Polaris Global," she says.

This was all new to Belinda, she had never done anything likes this before. "When I first got started, I was barely able to send an email. I was so nervous to move forward in the beginning, but the training and support that I've received has been amazing. It has absolutely contributed to my results. If I can do this, anyone can,"  states Belinda. "I'm just so glad that I stuck with it."

Belinda is enjoying the new found financial abundance in her life but says that the best thing is...."I found myself. I never really knew who I was before. Just being involved with such an amazing company with such a strong vision and working with my Beyond Freedom Evolution program, I now know who I am as a person. My favourite part of the day is sitting down and working on myself with the product. I've managed to improve every aspect of my life, my financial situation as well as my relationship with my kids and husband. It’s been great!" 

It's no wonder that Belinda is so excited about the future, she is a living demonstration of what is possible, to not only others in the community, but for her young children. Teaching by example that they too can achieve anything that they set their minds to. 


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