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Lisa and Bob work their Polaris Global business part time around their son, Skye, who is 5 years old. Skye has never known mom and dad to work a normal job. All he knows is mom and dad at home. At such a young age, he's been on 7 overseas trips, having his first passport at just 6 months old.  This has all been made possible due to the success they have experienced as business owners of Polaris Global.

"It's like a dream come true", said Lisa, "ever since I can remember I've wanted to travel and explore the world. It's amazing to me that my business affords me to do just that. To have spent the past 10 years living our dream, travelling the world, making friendships with people in so many different continents and making an incredible income along the way. It's like we've been living a dream...but I'm not dreaming! This is real!".

When asked what they enjoy most about their Polaris Global business Lisa and Bob share..."We get paid to grow. Giving the gift of knowledge to someone else that they too can create "certainty" in their life would have to be the most rewarding aspect of our business. To provide to others what was provided to us....the vehicle and the knowledge for them to create whatever it is that they are looking to create. It's a very humbling and rewarding experience".

For the past 10 years, the Molina's have worked very closely alongside Shane Krider, Co-founder and CEO of Polaris Global. The Molina's started their first home based business as distributors with Shane's former company, Liberty League International. Today they are leading the charge with the recent launch of Polaris Global. They understand first hand what it takes to create something out of nothing having now experienced being a part of two start up company's within the network marketing industry, "It is hard work in the beginning," says Lisa, "but the rewards are limitless."

"Polaris Global is a leadership factory, we've come such a long way since we first started out with Shane", said Bob, "it's a pillar of growth that stands there solid that people climb onto and take a hold of. I feel very secure knowing that I have the backing of such a strong, worthwhile company behind me. When I have that strength behind me, it allows me to just get out there and do what I've gotta do to build my business. It makes my job easy!"

Lisa and Bob feel so blessed to have found a solution. When they started in the network marketing industry all those years ago they were looking to take control of their time and increase their financial situation. What they found was a company that provides the "life skills" for success, combined with a business platform which allows people to also make a substantial income.

"This is not work to me. When you love what you do, it's effortless and very easy to put in the necessary time to continue growing our business. It is completely out of my reality to put Skye into child care. Time equals love and I'm so grateful that we have the time to spend with our little guy", said Lisa.

I wonder if Lisa and Bob ever imagined all of the incredible adventures, friendships and opportunities for growth that were ahead of them when they first made the decision to move forward as home based business owners?

"Watching Lisa and Bob grow their business over the years and grow themselves as leaders within the industry has been a true inspiration to myself and many others", said Shane Krider

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