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Small Businesses Expand in Recession
An entrepreneur’s success will depend on his or her attitude about adjusting to the times, staying focused and concentrating on their core business and client base.

Polaris Global reports: Successful entrepreneurship is the road to Financial Freedom
Polaris Global NewsRoom reports: Entrepreneurs are carving their way into the new marketplace

Entrepreneurial education changing the face of UK business
How to turn ideas into a viable business should be taught in school

Polaris Global reports: Social networking makes coffee chain successful business
Polaris Global NewsRoom reports: Entrepreneurs achieve success in coffee shop business

Polaris Global reports: Young entrepreneurs making the most of Social Media
Polaris Global NewsRoom reports: Technology start-ups dominate the Business Week Young Entrepreneur list

Entrepreneur Businesses Help Keep Canadian Economy Afloat
Small business booms in recession boosting Canada's economy ahead of the US.

Polaris Global reports: Tom Adams named Entrepreneur of the Year
Polaris Global NewsRoom reports: Rosetta Stone Inc's Tom Adams named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year(R) 2009 overall National Winner

Polaris Global reports: Futurist tackles entrepreneurial education
Polaris Global NewsRoom reports: Is humanity ready for a school of the future?

Polaris Global report: Expat achieving success with Zoomshop
Polaris Global NewsRoom reports: Entrepreneur's vending machine concept revolutionizes shopping

Achieving Success in the Recession
It takes innovation and persistence as well as a superior product to advance in the modern techno-specific marketplace.

Polaris Global reports: Entrepreneur business easier in certain states
Polaris Global NewsRoom reports: Small business and entrepreneurship council's survival Index 2009 states that it is easier to own an entrepreneur business in South Dakota than anywhere else in the United States.

Polaris Global reports: Entrepreneur skills essential for attorneys
Polaris Global NewsRoom reports: The recent economic downturn means many attorneys have found themselves out in the marketplace with significant skill sets but with little or no understanding of how to market themselves as an entity. Susan Cartier Liebel's Solo Practice University teaches entrepreneurial skills to lawyers heading out on their own.

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