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Polaris Global Entrepreneur Spotlight: Paul and Alison
Meet Entrepreneurs and Polaris Global Home Business Owners, Paul and Alison.

Polaris Global hires Amy Adams as Public Relations Manager
Polaris Global, provider of personal development and success education product Beyond Freedom Evolution, has expanded to include a full-time Public Relations Manager, Amy Adams.

The results are in... Beyond Freedom Evolution works!
Prosperity of Life (POLARIS) visionary - Shane Krider, and Producer - Greg Strom, have released the results of a survey taken by students of their Beyond Freedom Evolution (BFE) curriculum in November 2012. Those surveyed indicated an average increase of 75% in their overall advanced success skills due to studying the BFE products.

Record growth for Personal Development
Exponential growth grabs people's attention. The personal development industry has been growing rapidly and consistently, while others are slowing down. This lucrative multi-billion-dollar industry has an estimated increase of 12% each year, with some companies claiming up to 78% annual growth. These are remarkable figures.

Polaris Global Media distribution deal
Polaris Global Media are proud to announce their documentary Halfway Home has been picked up for worldwide video-on-demand distribution by GoDigital, premier digital distribution network. Halfway Home is a feature-length documentary following soldiers returning from war, and the struggles they face as they integrate back into society. Featuring Vietnam veteran and former senator Max Cleland, and Silver Star recipient Sergeant Tommy Rieman. Narrated by Martin Sheen.

Universities shift to online learning, great for Polaris Global
Over six million students are studying university-accredited courses online right now. There is a definite shift away from traditional institution learning, which is leading universities to diversify their options and offer a greater education experience. Polaris Global, leaders in personal leadership development, embraced the e-learning trend and were one of the first to have their success education program, Beyond Freedom Evolution, offered online, and be university accredited.

Praise for Polaris Global's Influence Live event
Influence Live has received a standing ovation. It is the exclusive event created by Polaris Global, leaders in Personal Leadership Development. Participants from Influence Live 2013 have flooded Polaris Global with positive feedback. (Full details can be found at influencelivepolarisglobal.com).

Alleviate stress with Beyond Freedom Evolution
Stress is inevitable. The philosophies and exercises found in Polaris Global's award-winning curriculum, Beyond Freedom Evolution, are an excellent guideline to implement into your life to reduce stress, increase personal growth, and enhance success in your life.

What are the benefits of Personal Leadership Development and Polaris Global?
Want to improve yourself, your life and your finances? Polaris Global and Personal Leadership Development can lead you to the confidence, improvement and lifestyle you imagine.

Lifestyle business with Polaris Global
One concept that has been increasing in popularity recently is the idea of a lifestyle business. This kind of business aims to give you the freedom to live the lifestyle you want. Polaris Global gives you the opportunity for lifestyle and financial success.

Plan your way to success with Polaris Global
The only way to become successful is to make a plan for success. And the best-executed plans are those that are well researched. Educate yourself to better success with Beyond Freedom Evolution from Polaris Global.

Long-term action equals long-term results
One of the most important keys to success in life and business is to learn how to turn short-term action into sustained long-term repeated actions. A sure way to do this is through Polaris Global's personal leadership development program, Beyond Freedom Evolution.

The education process never stops
Personal leadership is tenuous - everything changes every day. In order to maintain personal leadership development and have the confidence that comes with it, you must study, persist with self-discipline and practical application. An ideal way to succeed in personal leadership development is to enrol with Polaris Global's Beyond Freedom Evolution success education program.

Polaris Global offers effective leadership life skills
We cannot be effective in any area of life unless we have good leadership skills. Leadership is an art and each of us needs to find our own approach to it. Primarily, we need to understand how to lead ourselves, and this means having a compass, a direction which guides all our actions. Polaris Global has constructed a personal leadership development curriculum that guides you through these steps and through a complete leadership development program – Beyond Freedom Evolution.

Why you need a mentor
The right mentor will change your career and business for the better. An ideal situation is if your corporation has a mentor program included in your development plan. Polaris Global, industry leaders in personal leadership development and success education, models the best example of this by including mentors as an integral part of their business plan. This addition can make all the difference in your professional success. And has certainly attributed to theirs.

The importance of personal leadership development
If you’re wondering what personal leadership is, it’s the leadership of the self. It is the ability to define a direction for your leadership and life, and to move in that direction with consistency and clarity. This is explained beautifully in Polaris Global’s personal leadership development curriculum, Beyond Freedom Evolution.

Polaris Global's continued success
Polaris Global, leaders in the personal leadership development industry, has achieved another consecutive year of record-breaking growth. Their award-winning home study program, Beyond Freedom Evolution has attributed highly to this level of success.

Polaris Global business continued success
Polaris Global, leaders in the personal leadership development industry, has achieved another consecutive year of record-breaking growth. Their award-winning home study program, Beyond Freedom Evolution has attributed highly to this level of success. Polaris Global embraced the e-learning trend and were one of the first to have their success education curriculum offered online.

Polaris Global educating entrepreneurs everywhere
In the past twelve months, the tertiary education institutions have caught on that it’s not necessary for students to be in a lecture hall, on a college campus to learn. Slowly they are reacting to the demand for online learning. Some companies have been offering this home study option for years. One of the trailblazers in this field is Polaris Global, who was one of the first personal leadership development companies to offer their success education course 'Beyond Freedom Evolution' as a comprehensive online package.

Polaris Global releases Beyond Freedom Evolution Quick Start
Polaris Global LLC., provider of success education product Beyond Freedom Evolution, has released BFE Quick Start - a new addition to their award-winning personal leadership curriculum.

Polaris Global offers the best in personal leadership development
Polaris Global is the creator of the award-winning success education program, Beyond Freedom Evolution. This 12-month online personal leadership development curriculum includes three volumes of e-books, audio and video files, and the exclusive members-only social media platform, The Mastermind. The Mastermind grants each student a safe harbor community to share, support and converse with other Beyond Freedom Evolution students.

The key to success with Polaris Global
"Nothing is more effective in achieving success than the entrepreneur’s mindset, determination and desire. These aspects are not something you can calculate to a 30:1 shot.” Shane Krider, the visionary of Polaris Global, has been delivering this message to his students for years. “Success in business is not a matter of odds, because you can take infinite steps to influence the outcome in your favor. Therefore, it’s a how-bad-do-you-want-it equation.”

Polaris Global - the facts
Is Polaris Global a marketing scam? This is an honest review of all the facts concerning Polaris Global.

Polaris Global: everything you need to know
Polaris Global: everything you need to know. Invest in yourself, your health, your future and your wealth. The top five reasons to join Polaris Global.

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