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Young Mum, Belinda Byfield, achieves tremendous success with her Polaris Global Business.
Belinda Byfield from Perth, WA, breaks $20,000 in a single month after just 4 months of marketing her Polaris business. Having never been in business previously, Belinda just followed the simple system of Polaris Global and is now teaching that system to others in order to assist them in creating the results that she is enjoying.

The best of the best - Polaris Global's Influence Live
Do you enjoy listening to inspiring speakers? Meeting like-minded people from a myriad of backgrounds? Do you desire the best possible training and support for your personal growth? Polaris Global, creators of Beyond Freedom Evolution, have extended their award-winning success education curriculum to include two exclusive events each year.

Sovereignty Live, an extraordinary, annual 3-day event designed to accelerate each participant's self-confidence. self-reliance and ignite their entrepreneurial spirit, is held at first class locations around the globe. This year's event was held at the luxurious Fairmont Hotel located in Whistler, BC. Participants of this educational and inspirational event are not only raving of the curriculum, but also of the magic of this fairytale winter wonderland setting.

Polaris Global"s flagship, award-winning personal success education program, has a newly revised USB format specifically created to provide extreme versatility, portability and freedom for both its students and its distributors. Beyond Freedom Evolution is now Beyond Freedom Evolution University. BFEU is the most socially interactive training program of its kind, and it is also the leader in cutting edge education technology.

LEARNING! 100 2012 AWARD WINNER Polaris Global Honored By Learning! 100 Media Group
Learning! 100 Media Group,high honors top learning organizations for their best-in-class learning and development programs both in public and private sectors, has chosen Polaris Global as an award recipient for 2012.

Record growth for Personal Development
Exponential growth grabs people's attention. The personal development industry has been growing rapidly and consistently, while others are slowing down. This lucrative multi-billion-dollar industry has an estimated increase of 12% each year, with some companies claiming up to 78% annual growth. These are remarkable figures.

What are the benefits of Personal Leadership Development and Polaris Global?
Want to improve yourself, your life and your finances? Polaris Global and Personal Leadership Development can lead you to the confidence, improvement and lifestyle you imagine.

Polaris Global business continued success
Polaris Global, leaders in the personal leadership development industry, has achieved another consecutive year of record-breaking growth. Their award-winning home study program, Beyond Freedom Evolution has attributed highly to this level of success. Polaris Global embraced the e-learning trend and were one of the first to have their success education curriculum offered online.

Polaris Global offers the best in personal leadership development
Polaris Global is the creator of the award-winning success education program, Beyond Freedom Evolution. This 12-month online personal leadership development curriculum includes three volumes of e-books, audio and video files, and the exclusive members-only social media platform, The Mastermind. The Mastermind grants each student a safe harbor community to share, support and converse with other Beyond Freedom Evolution students.

Lead the way with Polaris Global
The development of leaders continues to be one of the most pressing issues facing corporations worldwide. Strategies now include offering success education modules, such as Polaris Global’s award-winning personal leadership development curriculum, Beyond Freedom Evolution.

Polaris Global review: the facts
Is Polaris Global a marketing scam? This is an honest review of all the facts concerning Polaris Global.

Polaris Global leadership development success
Leadership is an essential life skill and one of the keys to achieving great success. Polaris Global has constructed a personal leadership development curriculum that guides you through these steps and beyond – Beyond Freedom Evolution.

Polaris Global - the facts
Is Polaris Global a marketing scam? This is an honest review of all the facts concerning Polaris Global.

Polaris Global: everything you need to know
Polaris Global: everything you need to know. Invest in yourself, your health, your future and your wealth. The top five reasons to join Polaris Global.

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