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Alleviate stress with Beyond Freedom Evolution
Stress is inevitable. The philosophies and exercises found in Polaris Global's award-winning curriculum, Beyond Freedom Evolution, are an excellent guideline to implement into your life to reduce stress, increase personal growth, and enhance success in your life.

Increase your wins with the new BFE app from Polaris Global
LOS ANGELES, California (15 May 2013) - Polaris Global LLC., provider of success education product Beyond Freedom Evolution, has launched their new Smartphone Pocket Pad BFE app, to complement it's online curriculum.

Polaris Global business continued success
Polaris Global, leaders in the personal leadership development industry, has achieved another consecutive year of record-breaking growth. Their award-winning home study program, Beyond Freedom Evolution has attributed highly to this level of success. Polaris Global embraced the e-learning trend and were one of the first to have their success education curriculum offered online.

Polaris Global educating entrepreneurs everywhere
In the past twelve months, the tertiary education institutions have caught on that it’s not necessary for students to be in a lecture hall, on a college campus to learn. Slowly they are reacting to the demand for online learning. Some companies have been offering this home study option for years. One of the trailblazers in this field is Polaris Global, who was one of the first personal leadership development companies to offer their success education course 'Beyond Freedom Evolution' as a comprehensive online package.

Polaris Global releases Beyond Freedom Evolution Quick Start
Polaris Global LLC., provider of success education product Beyond Freedom Evolution, has released BFE Quick Start - a new addition to their award-winning personal leadership curriculum.

The key to success with Polaris Global
"Nothing is more effective in achieving success than the entrepreneur’s mindset, determination and desire. These aspects are not something you can calculate to a 30:1 shot.” Shane Krider, the visionary of Polaris Global, has been delivering this message to his students for years. “Success in business is not a matter of odds, because you can take infinite steps to influence the outcome in your favor. Therefore, it’s a how-bad-do-you-want-it equation.”

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