Polaris Global success event Sovereignty Live 2015

Core Facts

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Polaris Global success event Sovereignty Live™ is a five-day event for two adults. It is designed to accelerate each person's self- confidence, self-reliance and ignite their entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Create Success regardless of economy
  • Break through limiting ideas about success
  • Build a belief system that works for you
  • Expand what you think is possible
  • Find comfort outside your comfort zone

This year's event is June 28 - July 5, 2015 aboard Royal Caribbean's Newest & Innovative Ship - Allure of the Seas® . Indulge in a seven night western mediterranean cruise visiting SPAIN - FRANCE - ITALY while surrounding yourself with successful entrepreneurs and immersing yourself in Polaris Globals' propriety conference content.

For more information on where to purchase your tickets, follow the Polaris Global link.

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