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Polaris Global has introduced Beyond Freedom Evolution Quick Start, the perfect addition to their award-winning Beyond Freedom Evolution success education curriculum.

Increasingly aware that our lifestyles are reaching a frantically fast pace, Polaris Global Founders, Shane and Rachel Krider, hatched a brilliant concept that allows you to listen to the entire Beyond Freedom Evolution curriculum while on the run.

Rachel Krider shares the motivation behind the new release.

“We’ve translated the entire catalogue of written guidebooks from the program into audio form to make it easier for the super busy person wanting to fit in their success education on-the-go.”

For those who love the traditional format of the eBooks, which include audio and video clips, these will continue to be available. There is now the added bonus of the audio option.

“Our inspiration was always looking to improve upon the program, to increase usability and reduce the time that it takes someone to get engrossed in BFE and start getting wins.”

This move has ensured Polaris Global's continued domination of the personal leadership market, appealing to the tech-savvy student, always on the move.

Find out more about Polaris Global and Beyond Freedom Evolution by visiting or find them on Facebook, YouTube, pinterest and Twitter.

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BFE Quick Start

BFE Quick Start

Polaris Global release Beyond Freedom Evolution Quick Start. This is the latest addition to their award-winning success education curriculum Beyond Freedom Evolution.


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