Polaris Global's Influence Live - coming right up!

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Polaris Global's next Influence Live™ event is fast approaching on 5-12 May 2013. Lock the dates in your calendar!

Influence Live™ is a five-day event for two adults. It brings together the most committed entrepreneurs and leaders in the Beyond Freedom™ community. The event focuses on leadership development and application of proven entrepreneurial skills.
Exponentially increase your value; increase your personal power; understand your value to the community; stop giving away your power; be at cause for the greater good.

Learn the extent of your influence and how to align it with your vision. Influence Live is held in the most intriguing destinations and attracts the most dynamic people. Join the invaluable sessions, learn new philosophies, form life-changing relationships, and have accessibility to the founders of Polaris Global. These events are priceless.

Don't miss out on this experience, visit www.polarisglobal.com to find out how you can get on board.

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