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Would you like a Masters level, UK university qualification while deepening and expanding your learning? Come and study the award-winning Beyond Freedom Evolution curriculum and gain a Postgraduate Certificate in Personal Leadership Development, equaling one-third of a UK Masters degree.

Gain new insights into what’s holding you back in your life, and learn what can help you move forward. Build greater personal responsibility, behavioral flexibility and clear direction. Beyond Freedom Evolution is a truly unique learning experience.
And because BFE is fully accredited, it can lead to a globally recognized, work-based UK Masters degree in areas such as leadership, entrepreneurship, business and organizational development, and coaching.

This distinctive course builds on the high quality resources of the Beyond Freedom Evolution curriculum. It’s facilitated online, with your own dedicated tutor and gives you access to thousands of academic resources.
The program encourages participants to take the study and critical application of personal leadership development seriously, transforming their own capabilities to influence positive outcomes. BFE is structured into three learning stages: Departure – building self-awareness and vision; Decision – building courage and decisiveness; and Action – building persistence and resilience.

Participants are expected to complete each module in 90-120 days, but this is flexible if some students would like to accelerate their learning.

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