BEYOND FREEDOM EVOLUTION UNIVERSITY Personal Success Education Program For People Of Today

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Personal Success Education Program For People Of Today

(Fountain Hills, AZ.  July 2011) Polaris Global, the world’s leading Success Education and Direct Sales Company is  now literally days away from its worldwide releaseof Beyond Freedom Evolution University. Polaris Global Media has been researching and developing its new computer based learning system for nearly 2 years. BFEU has been specifically created to give its students extreme portability, flexibility and the ability to interact with other students while continuing to provide the powerful, quality education provided by its Award Winning predecessor, Beyond Freedom Evolution. This is the most powerful success education course in terms of value, content, interactivity, social experience, success tracking, expandability and customization.

BFEU is the most socially interactive training program of its kind. BFEU has been specifically created to give its students the tools for success. In addition to the award winning curriculum utilized from Beyond Freedom Evolution, its cutting edge education technology is unmatched. Key features of this revolutionary product include, but are not limited to the portability and flexibility offered by the USB flash drives storing the nearly 20GB of information contained in the program. Other features include an interactive function allowing for the posting to nearly 1000 different headings, a fully searchable journal, a daily success tracker and the most exciting function is a community and personal blog where students can share wins with fellow students or choose to share with the entire world.

Beyond Freedom Evolution University (BFEU) is a personal success educational course.
The curriculum gives students new and insightful ways to look at life and how to effectively deal with the obstacles one inevitably faces. It is a collection of thought provoking and enlightening information, universal principles and personal perspectives. Situations arise when one chooses to take full control of their life and the teachings in this course are tailored to the achievement of big goals. The concepts were forged in the heat of insurmountable adversity by people who refused to give up and at the end of the day, achieved the success they were looking for.

“Our goal here at Polaris Global is to create a learning system that just makes more sense in today’s world thereby ultimately increasing the value and usability to the end customer. We believe that success and personal growth does not happen in a bubble. People are connected and interconnected in many ways in every part of their lives. I have found over the years that individuals can evolve their thinking without evolving the quality of their relationships and interaction with others. The purpose of the information contained within BFEU is to change the way a person acts and interacts. This has to start somewhere.
Some of the best business people in the world owe the greatness of their success to their ability to interact with people,” shares Shane Krider, “Polaris Global CEO and Co-Founder, We have also found that people tend to have bigger and more sustainable wins at a live event. Polaris will always hold live events, but we wanted BFEU students to experience the feeling of a live event in their everyday BFEU use. Sharing wins and new ideas with others and/or receiving feedback of others wins and ideas makes for something that is “live” and it is a far more impactful experience.”

“The portability of the BFEU is very important to its students and the use of USB flash drives definitely allows for this, but that is not the only reason for choosing it,” explains Shane Krider, “we had to make a few key decisions along the way. BFEU, even in a very compressed format, contains HD video, audio and workbooks which accumulates to over 20 GB of information. This is far too big to down load off the internet and it would take up most of the available memory on an average computer. Flash drive technology allows for immense storage capacity, reliability and universal accessibility. Student can engage their program even while working offline and receive updates, done automatically upon login, and enjoy the interactive features while working online. Flash drives also allow us to build in functionality that can be used across both Mac and PC platforms and is expandable for future improvements.”

BFEU has many built in features that will allow this program to be adopted by schools, corporations, sporting organizations or any other kind of group. Features include custom labeling and branding, customizable content, a private community exclusively for their group (with respect to messaging, blogging, posting and commenting within the group). A host of administrative controls  are included as well. Administrative controls will include group messaging, success monitoring and tracking and a report generator.

The Polaris Global Team is working around the clock in their commitment to raise the bar by continuously improving the performance, functionality and content of every Polaris Global product and experience. Currently, BFEU is the focus of this commitment. “BFEU will provide students with a more personalized experience. They will enjoy the most interactive and fun environment possible. A fully in-house media production and education development facility is a distinct advantage. Additional free content and functionality and “new for purchase” courses and curriculum can easily be created and utilized by everyone,” explains Mr. Krider.

Co-founded by Shane Krider, Rachel Oliver and Gregory Strom, Polaris Global opened its doors on April 20, 2010 with the belief that every individual has the ability to realize their inherent potential and live a life of personal fulfillment. Polaris Global’s mission is to give every individual the opportunity to achieve both personal success and financial independence by continuing to provide the most effective educational and personal development products and events in the industry.

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