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Telly Awards Presented To Polaris Global

(California, June 17, 2010) Polaris Global, the world’s leading success education company, is honored with two Telly awards in the categories of education and documentary films. Beyond Freedom Evolution, Polaris Global’s flagship and now award winning personal success education program, and the micro-budget documentary Unbeaten were both honored with the Silver Telly.

Beyond Freedom Evolution is a 12 month personal success education program designed to assist a person in honing the mindset and perspective required to make positive life changes and to create the kind of results a person has only imagined. Beyond Freedom Evolution is comprised of three module’s (main parts):  Departure, Decision and Action. Included in these are 9 cd’s, 9 dvd’s, journaling system and an interactive online workbook.

Unbeaten, presented by Polaris Global Media, directed by Steven Barber and produced by Polaris Co-founder, Greg Strom, is the inspiring documentary which chronicles a group of wheel chair athletes who compete in the 267-mile, six-day race through Alaska’s Denali National Park. This race is considered the Toughest Road Race in the World. “The cyclists who participate in this race are nothing short of amazing,” Strom says, “I am proud to have been given the opportunity to share their stories with the world. It is an honor to see this film be recognized with a Telly.”

It is no wonder Beyond Freedom Evolution has received the Silver Telly. The results that students of the program are experiencing are nothing short of amazing. Pauline, from Melbourne, shares her experience, “Having been a student of personal development for many years I had a lot of knowledge and information but was never able to implement what I'd learned or achieve the results I was looking for. It was like a jigsaw puzzle in my mind with all these wonderful pieces of wisdom spread out before me but I was clueless when it came to piecing it all together. It was Beyond Freedom Evolution that solved my puzzle. My life has now become everything that I had imagined and I am loving it!”
Telly Awards honor excellence in local, regional, and cable television commercials and programs as well as for the finest video and film productions and for works created for the Web. The Telly Awards are in their 31st year, and this year made their selections from more than 13,000 entries. “It’s a wonderful achievement to have our products recognized by such a prestigious organization,” Polaris co-Founder Rachel Oliver says. “We can all be proud knowing that as we share our products with the world they are making a difference to the lives of everyone who comes across them.”

Co-founded by Shane Krider, Rachel Oliver and Gregory Strom, Polaris Global opened its doors on April 20, 2010 with the belief that every individual has the ability to realize their inherent potential and live a life of personal fulfillment. Polaris Global’s mission is to give every individual the opportunity to achieve both personal success and financial independence by continuing to provide the most effective educational and personal development products and events in the industry.

Visit Polaris Global at www.polarisglobal.com.

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