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For the past thirty years, Leadership Excellence has identified and recognized the top 500 leadership organizations in their yearly rankings issue. This year, Polaris Global was recognized for excellence in leadership development by receiving a Leadership 500 Award, ranking second in their category.

The criteria for this award saw the authors of Leadership Excellence evaluate different aspects of the leadership industry, and then discuss and scrutinise each company until the rankings were agreed. It is a highly coveted award, and this win showcases Polaris Global as a highly successful company, which honours integrity and ethics, while offering a popular online success education curriculum, and an unparalleled business opportunity.

Shane Krider, Visionary and Founder of Polaris Global, attended the award ceremony and was interviewed by HR.com on the win.

“The leaders of Polaris Global have a combined thirty years of personal leadership development experience as speakers, writers and students. They are entrepreneurs and self-made business owners. They have utilized the principles of ‘Beyond Freedom Evolution’ in creating the Polaris Global business model. Success of the program and the company is a direct result of applying this content in the real world.”

Krider goes on to say how Polaris Global,and Beyond Freedom Evolution empowers men and women of all ages to discover and attain new levels of personal, financial and professional success and achievements.

“For students who apply themselves, the BFE program can be a complete life reset in areas such as business, finance, personal relation- ships, fitness, family, health, creativity and overall life satisfaction. Our survey results show a 75% improvement overall in 16 advanced life skills areas.”

Winning a Leadership 500 Excellence Award showcases that Polaris Global is one of the top leadership practitioners and highlights their role in the industry. To read the full HR.com interview, and see Krider’s acceptance speech, please click here.

For more information on Polaris Global and Beyond Freedom Evolution please visit their website at www.polarisglobal.com

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