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The development of leaders continues to be one of the most pressing issues facing corporations worldwide. There are definable gaps in leadership skills and talent shortages everywhere. The demand for quality leadership is high, so organizations are starting to re-think their approach to leadership development.

Strategies now include offering success education modules, such as Polaris Global’s award-winning personal leadership development curriculum, Beyond Freedom Evolution (BFE). This syllabus is divided into three volumes titled Departure, Decision and Action, which define the fundamental principles of the leadership course.

One of the major concerns from corporations has been cost versus payback. They want to know their investment will be seen on the bottom line. Research figures released last year showed corporations received up to 12 times greater business impact after implementing a leadership development program like Beyond Freedom Evolution.

Trends in leadership development shift, as new theory first becomes popular, then common and then old news. The successful, tried and tested development approach offered in Beyond Freedom Evolution doesn’t change to suit fads, times, or environment. This proven format is why so many people are including BFE in their management development plans.

The framework, perspective and principles of Beyond Freedom Evolution teach effective leadership in life as well as in the workplace. Which is why the ideologies transfer from lessons to success in a quick and measureable manner. BFE focuses on a change in mindset, decisive action and a timely approach, which translates into personal and business wins immediately.

A learning environment grounded in reflection enhances self-awareness and builds the skills necessary for both personal and organisation insight, growth and transformation. In today’s corporate world, Beyond Freedom Evolution would be an invaluable addition to management development plans to fulfil leadership potential, and ensure increased success results.

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