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Exponential growth grabs people’s attention. The personal development industry has been growing rapidly and consistently, while others are slowing down. This lucrative multi-billion-dollar industry has an estimated increase of 12% each year, with some companies claiming up to 78% annual growth. These are remarkable figures.

Polaris Global, leaders in this industry, has embraced the e-learning trend, which has helped them achieve record growth in the last four years. They offer their award-winning product Beyond Freedom Evolution as an internet-based curriculum including audio clips, videos and an innovative members-only social media platform.

There is also a home-based business opportunity to distribute BFE, their personal leadership development program.
One of Polaris Global’s leading distributors, Lee Anne Bartlett from Queensland, attributes her success to finding the right vehicle, mind-set and consistency.

“Be clear on what your goals are, find the right vehicle for you to achieve those goals, and work that opportunity. If you don’t make a change, nothing will change.”

Today’s desired lifestyle, coupled with instant access to information has people coveting a better life. They are looking for ways to improve their mind, health and finances. This is what leads so many to personal development, a wish for workplace freedom, and over-all greater success. Students of personal development are walking the walk. And their business is booming.

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Graph with world

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Amy Adams
Public Relations Manager
Prosperity of Life

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