Polaris Global releases Beyond Freedom Evolution Quick Start

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Arizona, USA (6 February 2014) – Polaris Global LLC., provider of success education product Beyond Freedom Evolution, has released BFE Quick Start - a new addition to their award-winning personal leadership curriculum.

“We’ve translated the entire catalog of written guidebooks from the program into audio form to make it easier for the super busy person wanting to fit in their success education on-the-go” says Rachel Krider, Co-Founder of Polaris Global.

“Our inspiration was always looking to improve upon the program, to increase usability and reduce the time that it takes someone to get engrossed in BFE and start getting wins.”

The introduction of this audio option allows students of Beyond Freedom Evolution to take their curriculum anywhere technology allows. The car, the train, or the gym.

With the release of BFE Quick Start, Polaris Global has fully utilized the mobility of today’s technology, which has increased the popularity and success of the Beyond Freedom Evolution program by appealing to a wider, tech-savvy audience.

For more information on Polaris Global and Beyond Freedom Evolution, visit their website at www.polarisglobal.com or their Facebook page.

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BFE Quick Start

BFE Quick Start

Polaris Global release Beyond Freedom Evolution Quick Start. This is the latest addition to their award-winning success education curriculum Beyond Freedom Evolution.


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Amy Adams
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