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In the past twelve months, the tertiary education institutions have caught on that it’s not necessary for students to be in a lecture hall, on a college campus to learn. Slowly they are reacting to the demand for online learning. Some companies have been offering this home study option for years. One of the trailblazers in this field is Polaris Global, who was one of the first personal leadership development companies to offer their success education course ‘Beyond Freedom Evolution’ as a comprehensive online package.

While leading the e-learning trend, Polaris Global also recognized the rise in popularity of subjects not readily available in most traditional colleges.

“Students are looking for more than the standard subjects conventionally offered, and are steering towards leadership development, entrepreneurship and success coaching” says Shane Krider, CEO of Polaris Global.
“We offer this within our 12-month curriculum, Beyond Freedom Evolution. And with the flexibility of having the entire course available online, we have seen an unprecedented amount of enrolments.”

Polaris Global recognized that the introduction of wireless media devices offered an opportunity to make their success education more mobile, more accessible, and include more information and support systems than ever before. So Polaris Global moved away from the heavy paper-bound textbooks, and offer over 600 pages of e-books, while adding audio and video support media.

But the golden jewel in the Polaris Global’s e-learning crown is the innovative members-only social media platform, which offers students a wide support network. If you choose the university-accredited option, you are also assigned your own personal tutor.

With the fast growing popularity of this course, Polaris Global are keeping up with demand by creating its very own Beyond Freedom Evolution PocketPad app. It is the perfect tool to ensure you achieve great results, wherever you are.

The practical nature of Polaris Global’s syllabus includes a home-based business opportunity for those who are interested in immediately implementing their newly acquired entrepreneurial skills. Students are now being much more considered where they place their college funds, and are looking for a better return on their investment. They want a good educational experience but ultimately they want a great opportunity. Polaris Global delivers on both.

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