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Continuing their cutting edge in personal leadership development, Polaris Global have hosted their latest successful training event in Sydney. ‘Super Saturday’ is an exclusive training experience for Polaris Global distributors, and with another consecutive year of record-breaking growth, they must be doing something right.

“We’ve found it’s very effective for our business distributors to learn how to build their business from our top earners,” shares Shane Krider, CEO and Founder of Polaris Global.

“It is so important to know how to market efficiently, build prospects and improve your relevant business skills to achieve your greatest chance of success. It is an amazing opportunity for Polaris Global entrepreneurs.”

The highly coveted ‘Super Saturday’ event provides direct access to those Polaris entrepreneurs who have achieved astronomical success and share in their business tips. It’s also a celebration of those who have achieved fantastic results and are showing true potential.

Polaris Global are so proud of their outcomes they are recognising their success with a re-brand to the Polaris Advantage. If you’d like to jump on the board the Polaris Advantage contact Polaris Global through this link and start your new life now.

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Polaris Global Advantage

Polaris Global Advantage

Polaris Global rebrand


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