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Social changes in the workforce are leading more people to demand more control over how, when, and where they work. This has resulted in a rise of virtual-offices and an increase in home-based businesses. Polaris Global offers one such innovative business opportunity that has lead many to achieve great financial success, while obtaining the work life balance so many professionals strive for.

In recent years, professional offices have seen an increase in the departure of senior talent, especially women with children. Many of these valued employees are not jumping to other companies or starting up competing agencies. They are walking away from their careers, and in many cases high salaries, because their employers are unwilling or unable to provide them with the flexibility they need to balance their work and family lives.

Polaris Global prides itself on accomplishing this. As a leader in their industry, Polaris Global has achieved unprecedented growth for the company and it’s distributors. Their award-winning success education curriculum Beyond Freedom Evolution is a pioneering e-learning course, which offers an optional business opportunity to distribute BFE. This virtual-office home business appeals to many of those leaving the traditional workforce as it allows you to work whenever you like, wherever you like.

Polaris Global emphasises the importance of keeping connected with your team members, even though it is an online business. They retain global interaction with weekly business support conference calls, webinars and by implementing a company culture that encourages connection with senior leaders through online mediums, such as Skype, at any time. This has resulted in an unparalleled support network that spans the world.

Polaris Global’s simple business plan and highly desirable support community are proving to be invaluable success tools for those professionals looking for an alternative to the inflexibility of corporate life.

To keep top talent and remain competitive, professional services today must meet an imperative. They must create new arrangements to accommodate talented practitioners who need more choice when it comes to how, when, and where they work. Polaris Global provides this, and is attracting the talent, and the success.

For more information on Polaris Global and Beyond Freedom Evolution please visit www.polarisglobal.com

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