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There are so many books and websites on how to ‘beat the odds and have a successful business’. But what odds are they referring to? Economy, supply and demand, luck? All are uncontrollable external forces so why include them in the equation to your success? There are calculated odds in roulette, having twins, and holding a royal flush, but in business, there are uncountable factors at play. Most importantly, the entrepreneur’s mindset, determination and desire. These aspects are not something you can calculate to a 30:1 shot.

Shane Krider, the visionary of Polaris Global, creators of the award-winning personal leadership development curriculum, Beyond Freedom Evolution, has been delivering this message to his students for years. “Success in business is not a matter of odds, because you can take infinite steps to influence the outcome in your favor. Therefore, it’s a how-bad-do-you-want-it equation.”

The Beyond Freedom Evolution success education syllabus, mentions something as easy as turning off your television can make a difference to the success of your business. Krider maintains this mental shift will contribute to your growth mindset, belief in yourself and your business. And this powerful tool cannot be underestimated.

“Log out of Facebook, turn off your phone. Direct that time and attention towards your business, brain storming ideas, having discussions with your Future Self and plotting the next steps to get you closer to your goal and the success you are striving for.”

Polaris Global is a leader in the success education industry, and has achieved record growth in the last three years. They offer their award-winning product Beyond Freedom Evolution as an internet-based 12-month curriculum including audio clips, videos and an innovative members-only social media platform.

For more information on Polaris Global and Beyond Freedom Evolution please visit www.polarisglobal.com.

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Roulette wheel - Polaris Global beat the odds

Roulette wheel - Polaris Global beat the odds

Polaris Global beat the odds. Business success is not about odds, it's about action. Polaris Global is a leader in the success education industry, and has achieved record growth in the last three years with it's award-winning success education product Beyond Freedom Evolution.


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