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imagePolaris Global live event - success to the extreme

04/28/2015 - Sovereignty Live is one of Polaris Global's most popular events. It’s a five-day experience designed to assist you in increasing your financial income as well as personal wealth, all while cruising in luxury to exotic destinations.

imagePolaris Global's leadership development program excels

03/19/2015 - Decision making is a vital process to master. It can make the difference between failure and success. The importance of how you approach a decision, and follow through with action is vital. And this process and its direct link to success in any field, is outlined brilliantly in Polaris Global's award winning success education curriculum, Beyond Freedom Evolution.

imagePolaris Global: everything you need to know

03/10/2015 - Polaris Global: everything you need to know. Invest in yourself, your health, your future and your wealth. The top five reasons to join Polaris Global.

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imagePolaris Global personal development program helps you cross the finish line

05/12/2015 - Polaris Global's award-winning personal development program, Beyond Freedom Evolution, has recorded results of great success. It not only introduces you to a way to achieve goals in every facet of your life, but also gives you the opportunity to join a lucrative home business opportunity.

Polaris Global creating success

04/05/2015 - Polaris Global creating success incomes in excess of $50K a month

imagePolaris Global step-by-step to success

03/03/2015 - Polaris Global success education program, Beyond Freedom Evolution, can literally be applied to every facet of your life

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imagePolaris Global success event Sovereignty Live 2015

04/05/2015 - Polaris Global success event Sovereignty Live™ is a five-day event for two adults. It is designed to accelerate each person's self- confidence, self-reliance and ignite their entrepreneurial spirit. SPAIN - FRANCE - ITALY.

imageGet a kick-start with Polaris Global’s BFE Quick Start

02/06/2014 - Polaris Global has introduced Beyond Freedom Evolution Quick Start, the perfect addition to their award-winning Beyond Freedom Evolution success education curriculum.

imageWorldwide video-on-demand release of 'Halfway Home' produced by Polaris Global Media

04/26/2013 - Polaris Global Media announce their documentary Halfway Home has been picked up for worldwide video-on-demand (VOD) distribution by GoDigital, premier digital distribution network on 11 June 2013. Halfway Home, an exceptional film produced by Polaris Global Media, will be available on Cable VOD (Avail-TVN) and iVOD including iTunes and Amazon.

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Polaris Global Blog

Media Coverage

Unbeaten director Steven C. Barber Interviewed by CNN at Sundance

01/22/2010 - Steven C. Barber, director of Unbeaten, is at the Sundance Film Festival for a showing of this documentary. Steven was interviewed by CNN. Polaris Media Group has produced the documentary as part of its mission to tell inspirational stories about individuals who have achieved their goals despite incredible odds.

Review of documentary Unbeaten by Avi Offer, The NYC Movie Guru

01/15/2010 - Polaris Media Group has just released the documentary film Unbeaten. Unbeaten is an inspirational story that chronicles the exploits of 31 disabled athletes as they make their way over six days in wheelchairs and hand cycles in what is known as the toughest road race in the world, "Sadler’s Alaska Challenge.”

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